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We have moved Droid@Screen have moved to a new domain of its own

  • Date: 17 June 2015
  • By Jens
  • Tags: web

I have been working with a static HTML site for the Droid@Screen site the last couple of days. The final touch is to move the whole site it to a new domain; say welcome to

In case, your are interested in the technology used; here it is:

  • Using JBake as the site-generator
  • Templates are defined in GSP / HTML, where the former is Groovy Server Pages
  • Pages and post are edited in Markdown/Pegdown, with sometimes some minor additions of HTML
  • Using Intellij IDEA to edit the sources
  • Using Gradle with a custom task to run JBake and preview it using Jetty
  • The sources are pushed in to a private GitHub repo
  • After a GitHub push, my Jenkins CI server running in Amazon AWS EC2 is notified which starts a deployment job
  • The deployment job uploads all generated files (HTML/CSS/JS/IMG) to a bucket in AWS S3
  • The domain and DNS mapping is handled by AWS Route 53 which points to the S3 bucket